Our natural state is to be in good health, though this is often disrupted by the demands of modern living. Through holistic approaches and authentic methods, TĨNH Wellness Sanctuary guides every guest to their natural state of wellbeing.
We have crafted a haven of serenity where every detail is designed to enhance and soothe, restoring inherent states of wellness to body, mind, spirit.



A Holistic Sanctuary

Let us lead you on a quest for wellness along divergent, harmonious paths. Choose from single or multi-day wellness journeys that combine movement and meditation, healthful cuisine, education workshops and consultations with visiting practitioners.

A Haven of Luxury

Immerse yourself in a cocoon of serenity inspired by the irresistible charm of colonial Indochine and the healing powers of nature. Each of our four 55sqm VIP rooms reflects air, fire, water or earth – the four basic elements of nature.

Reconnect with Nature

Known locally as “The Land of 99 Mountains”, Phú Quốc is a stunning natural setting conducive to wellness; a pristine treasure trove where floral fragrances dance with the fresh ocean breezes.

Transformative Wellness

Sustainable healthy living and wellbeing stretches beyond your time at TĨNH Wellness Sanctuary. Our wellness programs facilitate the continuation of your journey, encouraging, empowering, for life-long health.